The Board Game Console

Bringing a unique and original way to play together. It merges tabletop gaming with classical video gaming. Featuring a full-surface magic screen, multiple dice and their fully customizable tower, cards and pawns that act as controllers, enabling both physical and digital interaction – which ultimately leads players to get a whole new full experience.


Discover SquareOne® on our Indiegogo page: its main features, our game partners and our games catalog featuring hits such as Labyrinth, Ramses, Not Alone, Cthulhu Wars, The Crew, …


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Games On Demand

The game store is the place where you can have access to a large selection of all type of games. It is available directly on SquareOne®. Anytime and anywhere, you can always find a game that fits your desires.


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Your game on SquareOne®

If you are a publisher, a game studio, a game Developer, a game designer, a school teacher, a student, or you just have a game concept that will be awesome on our console, we’d love to hear from you!


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We have already meet lots of players on various conventions in all Europe. It’s only the beginning and we will continue to get your feedback to make the best product ever for players.


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